Multibody model of fruit harvesting trucks: comparison with experimental data and rollover analysis

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Stefano Melzi
Edoardo Sabbioni
Michele Vignati *
Maurizio Cutini
Massimo Brambilla
Carlo Bisaglia
Eugenio Cavallo
(*) Corresponding Author:
Michele Vignati |


Fruit harvesting trucks are used to easy and speed-up the work of agricultural operators. These vehicles are provided with a moving cargo bed, which can be raised up to 3 meters from the ground so that workers are closer to the plants top. Due to factors like height of centre of gravity and operation on soft and irregular soil, these vehicles present several safety issues. This research, carried out inside a project funded by INAIL (Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work), analysed the stability of fruit harvesting trucks with particular focus on rollover risk. Experimental tests were carried out to characterise the response of these vehicles. Multibody models of two trucks were then developed and used to determine the rollover angle along a generic direction considering the effect of vehicle configuration and of tire-soil stiffness.

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