Mechanical distribution of beneficial arthropods in greenhouse and open field: A review

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Rita Papa *
Giuseppe Manetto
Emanuele Cerruto
Sabina Failla
(*) Corresponding Author:
Rita Papa |


In the last decades, political policies and collective consciousness focused on the importance of sustainable food and environmentally friendly approaches in agriculture. Distribution of beneficial organisms is a very important factor in integrated pest management, and mechanical release could improve application uniformity as well as reduce costs and working time. Several mechanisation experiences have been carried out through the years, however none of them has still found a massive application in common agricultural practices. This review paper analyses all the efforts made in this direction, by evaluating main strengths and weakness points of manually brought, tractor mounted, or aerial mechanical devices. In this way development opportunities can be identified, in a field that could achieve a substantial role in food production and agricultural activities while respecting the environment and human health.

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