Field studies on the soil loss reduction effectiveness of three biodegradable geotextiles

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Flavia Tauro
Paolo Cornelini
Salvatore Grimaldi
Andrea Petroselli *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Andrea Petroselli |


Biodegradable geotextiles have the potential to significantly reduce soil loss and ensure slope stability in areas at risk. Here, we focus on three biodegradable textiles (namely, jute net, jute mat, and wool mat), and study their response in terms of soil loss to diverse precipitation events (average rainfall intensity from 3.7 mmh−1 to 70 mmh−1 and duration from 0.5 h to 11.6 h). Experiments are conducted in an ad hoc developed outdoor steep slope (more than 60%). Soil loss reduction from the treatments is found to be very remarkable (up to 98%), thus supporting the potential of natural materials for soil conservation. Also, experimental findings confirm that the maximum intensity of rainfall events plays an important role in driving soil erosion.

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