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Rino Gubiani *
Michela Vello
Gianfranco Pergher
Sirio R.C. Cidivino
(*) Corresponding Author:
Rino Gubiani |


The objective of the present work was to set up a method of analysis of the safety levels in the wine industry, using a check list to carry out a survey on 30 wineries located in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. The checklist, based on previous studies, included more than 500 items, divided into 5 main areas: A) Buildings and workplaces; B) Machinery; C) Logistics; D) Boiler room, electricity plants and fire prevention systems; E) Noise and vibrations. The classification of each of the items was based on risk frequency and seriousness of damage. In order to obtain a value as a whole, different points were assigned to each of them. The results of this work shows that workers are exposed to a variety of hazards and one of the highest scores is connected to machinery. Some of these accidents occur because machines are used for a purpose for which they are unsuitable; others because security systems have not been provided or have been taken off. Other risk areas are the fuel tank or the exhaust oil stocking room. Indoors, the most hazardous areas are the grape unloading and the workshop one. Another result was that the older wine cellars are the most dangerous. The check list can become an important instrument for prevention and a useful tool to test safety levels of the working environment.

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